Our Story

How many times have you felt like a Greek in London, but too much of a Londoner in Greece? You enjoy attending a V&A exhibition or wandering around Portobello market on Saturday morning, but then again listening to Greek music at a concert or party really speaks to your heart.

What about that stressful HMRC paper and needing advice from a Greek accountant to ensure everything is in place… and that moment you shared your fears with someone you barely knew, just because you could express your feelings in Greek. How about that person who quickly became your best friend away from home, and who cares if you’ve only known him for a few months, you already feel like he’s family!

We know how overwhelming it is to move to London, with a huge to do list of: Make new friends, search for a job, find a flat, build a whole new life from scratch… and there is no one around to ask for advice… you’re alone in your frustration thinking, “Where on earth do I start?”

We know how it feels, and this inspired us to build GreeksConnect!

Whether you are a Greek living in London or simply someone who loves Greek culture, we welcome you to join us and become part of the GreeksConnect community.

"Our vision is to offer you a home away from home and make London a friendlier and more enjoyable place to live. We hope you’ll enjoy being part of the GreeksConnect community as much as we love connecting Greeks in London!"