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We are a team of Greek professionals who love London and have chosen to make it our home. A city with a great vibe that never ceases to surprise you; exhibitions, theatres, restaurants, nightlife, parks, and much more! Yet, keeping connected to Greece and the Greek community in London is something that you need and want while living in London

The Story of How London Got Its Name

So.. do you know how London actually got its name?

The Flower of The East | A Guide to Zakynthos

There are so many secrets that lie beneath the obvious beauties of the Ionian island of Zakynthos

5 London parks you can barbecue in this summer

Sun’s out, buns out. We pick the London hotspots where you’ve got a green light to grill

Mykonos Airport to Receive €25 Million Facelift; the Plans Are Stunning [VIDEO]

Mykonos Airport revamp to show island’s ‘true spirit’

Launch of the new Cambridge Centre for Greek Studies

Explore and Question the Idea of Greek Continuity throughout the ages

Metropolitan Nikitas of the Dardanelles Elected Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain

His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios retired due to advanced age

Acropolis Museum turns 10

The Acropolis Museum, considered among the world’s best, is celebrating 10 years since it opened its doors to the public

#OFFTHERECORD | Mariza Rizou

H Μαρίζα Ρίζου μας υποδέχεται στο Εθνικό Θεάτρο, Νέα Σκηνή, "Νίκος Κούρκουλος" πρίν την παράσταση "Απλή Μετάβαση"

The Hellenic Initiative New Leaders is coming to London

Proceeds will benefit Kivotos tou Kosmou (Ark of the World)

Έλληνες στην Απόβαση της Νορμανδίας

Ένας ναύτης από το Καστελλόριζο θυμάται.

The Porch House

Inside England's oldest inn

Get Connected with...Despoina Vandi

Λίγο πριν την μεγάλη της εμφάνιση στο Birmingham η Δέσποινα Βανδή μιλάει αποκλειστικά στο GreeksConnect

Brexit, Brain-Drain και Τι κρίνεται στις Ευρωεκλογές

O Γ. Σ. Κρεμλής, μέλος της European Bank (EBRD), μιλάει στο GreeksConnect για το μέλλον της Ευρώπης και τις Ευρωεκλογές

"Πάντα ένιωθα γεννημένος σε λάθος χώρα"

O Mikeus μόλις λίγες μερες πριν την παράστασή του "Mikeus Rocks London" στο Λονδίνο μιλάει αποκλειστικά στο GreeksConnect

Brexit: Όλα όσα ρωτήσατε και πρέπει να ξέρετε

Ο Immigration Lawyer Roli Savaris απαντάει στις ερωτήσεις των "Greek Professionals in London”

TripAdvisor: London and Crete among the Top 5 Destinations Globally

London Has Been Crowned ‘Best Destination In The World’ followed by Crete (4th) for 2019 in TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards

Athens as a Book | Pick up a book before the flight at the Athens airport

187 Books of Greek authors and poets at Athens Airport passengers’ lounge

Ένα Stand Up Comedy για το "Brain Drain"

O Αριστοτέλης Ρήγας και ο Στέλιος Ανατολίτης μιλούν στο GreeksConnect λίγες μερες πριν την πρώτη εμφάνισή τους στο Λονδίνο

Pi Day – Celebrate Mathematics [VIDEO]

March 14 is a day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π) and to eat lots of pie..

Cliffs of Freedom

Hollywood Film About Greek Revolution Coming to a Theater Near You

The George Michael Collection auction in London

Over 200 works from the legendary recording artist’s private collection, to be offered across a flagship live auction in London on 14 March

Here’s What British People Would Eat in a Worst-Case Brexit

If trade routes really were to shut down, a hypothetical U.K. diet would leave a lot to be desired.

Discussion on the Greek Crisis, Brexit & the Day After

Head of FX Strategy at BoA Merrill Lynch, Athanasios Vamvakidis shares his views with us

The Carnival Is Here

GreeksConnect recommends you wear on that mask & get ready to party.. where? we got you covered!

Yorgos Lanthimos: The Path to the Oscars

"I don't know how to make a straightforward film"

Enjoy a trip to the Greek Oscars...

George Lanthimos might be our "Favourite" this year, but GC team made a flashback to the times that Greeks won the gold statue!

Ανακοίνωση προς τους Έλληνες του Η.Β για το Κτηματολόγιο

Η Ελληνική πρεσβεία μας ενημερώνει σχετικά με τις περιοχες που κτηματογραφούνται, τις προθεσμίες υποβολής δηλώσεων και τα στοιχεία επικοινωνίας

Staging the Greeks in the 21st Century

Adaptation, Re-contextualisation and the Ethics of Directing

How Much Do You Need to Earn to Live in London?

This is what Londoners say... Do you agree?

TextMe_ PaperFashion Exhibition at the Hellenic Centre

What is the relationship between text and paper in the 1960s fashion?

On This Day February 18, 1883, Nikos Kazantzakis was born

“I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.” Facts you do not know about his life

And The Winners For The British Airways Tickets to Athens Are.....

Is it you?

Which is the most beautiful word in the Greek language?

Greek Londoners picked their favorite. Can you guess?

OPSO opens a new chapter in Dubai!!

Modern Greek-inspired gastronomy from London arrives in Dubai!

9th of February, International Greek Language Day

From the Classical Period to the 20th Century

Το Brexit μέσα από τα μάτια της Βρετανίδας Πρέσβειρας στην Αθήνα

Η Βρετανίδα Πρέσβειρα στην Αθήνα μας δινει τη δικιά της οπτική για το Brexit

Playmogreek, a Unique Version of Playmobil Figurines

Playmobil wore their traditional Greek national costumes and traveled around the world

Google Goes Greece

How many times was Google inspired by Greece? More than you thought...

Immortalised by Art

Commemorating H.E. Archbishop Gregorios for his 90th Birthday and 30 years as Head of the Archidiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain

Ραγδαία αύξηση της ελληνικής επιχειρηματικής δραστηριότητας στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο

Υπολογίζεται ότι πάνω από 35.000 εταιρίες ιδρύθηκαν από έλληνες στο ΗΒ την περίοδο 2009-2018

Brain drain: Εσείς θα επιστρέφατε στην Ελλάδα;

Συναντήσαμε έξι νέους επαγγελματίες που σταδιοδρομούν στην Αμερική και σε χώρες της ΕE και τους θέσαμε το ερώτημα: τώρα που η χώρα επιστρέφει στην κανονικότητα, θα σκεφτόσασταν να επιστρέψετε;

Our Life in the UK All-day Event

The first ever event to connect Greek and Cypriot educators, professionals and academics in London

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