Dorita Vardikou

Graduated in Finance and business administration finding the office life hard body-wise... As a person with a fused spine, scoliosis warrior, I had to change career from an accountant to a Pilates teacher. I did qualified in London from the Body Control Pilates school. You can find me now teaching private and group classes within a corporate environment, also teach matwork and reformer at my studio in Manor House


6 Pilates Exercises to Feel and Look Better [VIDEO]

The most amazing way to begin your day. Warm up the spine in all planes of movement and feel better. Practise every day, increase the repetitions and you will look better.

Is Pilates similar to Yoga?

One of the most common conversations is finally answered

Why Pilates?

Certified Body Control Pilates Teacher, Dorita Vardikou answers to the question..Why Pilates

The Benefits of Pilates

Certified Body Control Pilates Teacher, Dorita Vardikou introduces us to Pilates

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