The Secret Influencer

Being an influencer and an instagram guru is not that easy as it sounds! You have to keep yourself updated on what people like to see, what they like to like and what they need in order to trust you and your posts. I have to be always aware of any new trends and interact with YOU xx

Happy International Women’s day!

GreeksConnect Celebrates International Women's Day and Presents the 6 Women that reshaped Greece in the 20th Century

10 Years of Fashion Success

"I think in a lot of fashion cities, you just don’t get the opportunity that you get in London" Mary Katrantzou

Ποιά είναι η αγαπημένη MEGAlicious σειρά σου;

Οι followers του @GreeksConnect μας έδωσαν τις απαντήσεις τους σε ένα βιντεάκι γεμάτο αγαπημένες ατάκες και αναμνήσεις

What Impact will Brexit have on Love?

Capturing the uncertainty and despair between couples that might be forced to stay apart because of the upcoming Brexit regulations

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