Pilates with Dorita

Pilates with Dorita

Pass from Rehabilitation to Body Sculpting


Hello sweet Greeks,

I am teaching Pilates to both children and adults, in Greek or English.

I provide Pilates services for companies and individuals. You can find me in Central and North London but recently also in Frankfurt.

Book a training at my Pilates room in Manor House, at your place or at the company you are working for.

Visit my social media pages so you can learn more about me and my services.

Thank you.



I studied for an Active IQ level 3 Diploma in instructing Pilates Matwork (QCF) REP’s at “Body Control Pilates” in London. This Diploma focused on the fundamentals of the Pilates Method, developing a solid scientific understanding of human anatomy, in order to teach safely any type of client. It has provided the knowledge of how to teach the client the right movement, obeying to the needs of his or her own body and applying at the same time the eight Pilates principles: Concentration, Relaxation, Alignment, Breathing, Centring, Co-ordination, Flowing Movement and Stamina.

Matwork Pilates

Enjoy a series of exercises, called repertoire, against the gravity on the floor. The Pilates repertoire is designed to pay attention to the flow and to the core muscles obeying the human anatomy.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer is one of the famous Pilates machines/apparatus. Discover another Pilates dimension on the reformer as the repertoire is happening on the carriage while pulling, pushing or keeping it steady.

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

During this unique period of your life I can help you stay safe through the movement. Keep fit and enjoy life while and after pregnancy. Pilates promises easier delivery and a pre-pregnancy body shape.