Diavazo Greek Books

Diavazo Greek Books


Diavazo Greek Books is a Greek bookshop, catering for Greek and English-speaking readers, with a range of books relating to ancient and modern Greece, Greek language and culture and Greek intellect. Diavazo Greek Books was a project long overdue for bibliophiles in the UK all over the world who belong to this very niche but important group within the reading community!

It is a one-of-a-kind bookshop and its supporters are real fans for life.

Our aim is to create a portal for books and material about Greece and Greek culture, in various languages, acting as your Greek bookshop-down-the-road!

Handpicked selection of books, direct service and informed, customised recommendations, – a shopping for books experience that leaves a smile on your face.

Apart from our online shop, we strive to bring books closer to our customers, so watch our Facebook page for upcoming events!

We recently opened a quirky, book loft in Finsbury Park (Unit G4 Regent Studios, 1 Thane Villas, N7 7PH) and you are welcomed to pop in and access more books! Customers can reserve or specifically ask us to bring certain books on the days they plan to visit our shop, and we encourage out-of-catalogue ordering too.