Hooli Studios Ltd.

Hooli Studios Ltd.

Concept Jewellery Born in London


We are a creative start-up with a goal to inspire, make a difference and empower people who wear our jewellery designs. The word HOOLI has a very special meaning to us and by giving our mission this name, we will be putting
H – umanity
O – pportunities for all
O – neness
L – ove
I – nclusiveness
at the forefront of what we do.

This far reaching aspiration of ours follows our greatest passions, which are Art, Design, Human Rights and a huge love for our planet. With this in mind, our logo and many of our pieces incorporate the equality sign; a strong symbol with which we continue to raise awareness towards normalising equal opportunity and rights for all humans.

We value aesthetics, the handmade, and the longevity of objects we surround ourselves with. Our designs celebrate simplicity and thoughtfulness, with an aim to be worn by anyone who likes what we do, irrespective of gender. Our vision will manifest itself in time, through our creative outputs, and the bespoke commissions we welcome in line with our brand ethos.
Thank you for getting to know hooli studios, we hope you enjoy this journey with us 🙂