Lizzy and Kyri

Lizzy and Kyri

Children Handmade Clothing


Handmade children’s clothing embracing traditional Cypriot embroidery for Christenings and other special occasions

My passion for Fashion and Art and my great interest for the tradition of my homeland Cyprus, along with my love for children, consisted the backbone of my decision to pursue with creating the Brand Lizzy & Kyri, named after my two own treasures, and focusing on christening clothing for children inspired by  traditional  Cypriot embroidery.

Having spent many years in academic research within the fields of Literature and Art and after four years working in fashion reporting and editing, I felt the desire of being more creative, the need to become an entrepreneur. Being a mother of two, and always intending for the most stylish, special and well-made clothes for them, the idea of creating high quality clothes for special occasions by combining the Art of Cypriot embroidery with contemporary fashion and comfort came to mature!

Lizzy & Kyri creates and offers unique, handmade, bespoke, and fashionable pieces of clothing for christenings and special occasions for boys and girls.

Our pieces are minimal, timeless and elegant, and chicly marry the Cypriot heritage with grace and luxury, revealing the uniqueness and beauty of Cypriot tradition by proposing the exceptional art of Lefkaritiko, Fevrolite (Karavas- Lapithos), Venice Lace (Athienou) and the well-known laces with needles (Krosiedes) through a fresh and modern look.

All Lizzy & Kyri clothing pieces are handmade, created exclusively by excellent quality fabrics, and embroidered with fine needlework. With our creations we endeavour to ensure that the most special days of every child are memorable and cherished.

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