Tell me your hobby and I will tell you who you are…

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How important are hobbies in your CV and what do they reveal?

Most job seekers, when they are drafting their CV, they do not understand the importance of the section of personal interests or hobbies which they list at the bottom of their CV.

Some of them do not even include this section in their CV and the majority of people that include their hobbies they follow a similar pattern as listing cinema, reading or travelling. Big mistake!

The CV is your marketing tool, your sales brochure in which you write down your work experience, your achievements, you list your skills that match with the related job ad. Case in-point: Do not forget the best CVs are customized, tailor-made to the position applied for or to a specific industry. Creating your CV is telling your personal story and you need to reveal a part of your personality and your character.

The interests or hobbies section can say exciting things about yourself!

First of all, having hobbies that you exercise outside your professional life means you tend to be happy and enjoy a work-life balance.

Hobbies and activities can help the recruiter to assess your profile by collecting information about your skills and abilities. They add value to your CV if they are related to the desired skills required for the applied job or to company culture.

Here are some examples :

Playing basketball, volleyball, football and other team sports implies that you are a team player and you have learned to cooperate with your teammates-success is a team sport. Running marathons says a lot about your drive, taking challenges, having perseverance.

Practicing yoga means that you are a calm and relaxed person. Going to the gym shows that you are fit and you care about your body and your health.  Martial arts demonstrate balance and focus. Archery presents you as a focused, centered person. Playing chess gives you strategic thinking. Interest in painting suggests that you are creative and you can come up with new ideas and creative solutions. Blog writing can prove your writing skills and your web design skills. Collecting items shows passion and attention to detail.

In addition, the section of hobbies can catch employers’ attention and you could get the big opportunity to chat with the interviewer about interesting things or break the ice or fill in the gaps in the interview meeting. Small talk is the best way for you to connect with the interviewer, at a human-level, and thus create positive feelings about you.

Listing your personal interests or hobbies at the bottom of your CV can be useful, can make your CV more attractive, more memorable and improve your chances to get hired.

In all cases, if you want to release your potential and thrive and become more successful in creating a professional career, start from building an effective CV!

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