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Immortalised by Art

by GreeksConnect Team

"Immortalised by Art" a group art exhibition being held by eight artists in honour of H.E. Archbishop Gregorios to commemorate his 90th Birthday and 30 years as head of the Archidiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain.

Immortality has been celebrated for millennia as a utopic vision going against the very nature of the circle of life; an imaginary state in which death is no more the end of human consciousness. Through different art practices that include the use of glass, printmaking, photography, acrylic, charcoal, ink and watercolour, this exhibition brings together works by eight renowned British Greek Cypriot artists who jointly reflect upon the spirituality of the journey towards immortality, embracing mysterious and Byzantine influences in both traditional and modern ways. The exhibiting artists were Eleftherios Foulidis, Alexios Gennaris, Alexandros Kapraras, Michael Minas, Yorgos Papadopoulos, Doros Partasides, Despina Symeou and Kerry Zacharia.

Inspiration for the exhibition title emanates from H.E. Archbishop Gregorios himself as he quite often uses the word ‘immortalise’ in the context of the power of photography and images. He was born in Cyprus on 28th October 1928 and his theological studies began in 1951, subsequently graduating from the Theological University in Athens in 1959. Before graduating, he was appointed to the Church of All Saints in Camden Town, London. On the 16th April 1988 he was elected as Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain and is its longest serving Archbishop since 1922 to the present day. He is much loved, not only within the Greek Orthodox community but across many other communities and faiths worldwide.