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Make 2019 YOUR Year

by Dr Maria Fotiadou

Taking the right steps towards your dreams; You are just 2 questions away

Imagine what your life would be if you started taking the right steps towards your dreams and you were a little braver and more confident about your abilities and talents.

We are still in the beginning of 2019 and most people have already gone back to their usual routines, living their plans for the new year in the drawer. This is not something uncommon.  Even though many dream of and desire a better life, the thought of change puts them in an uncomfortable state as they feel the journey towards change is unknown, painful and long.

Some of the most common reasons why the majority of people fear or dislike change and hence, they remain comfortable in the familiar, are:

  1. 1.       The fear of failure
  2. 2.       Unrealistic beliefs about oneself, shaped during childhood “My parents never believed in me” or even in an older age “I always fail”, “I am too old for this” 
  3. 3.       Lack of motivation or support
  4. 4.       Setting unrealistic goals that seem hard to achieve
  5. 5.       Low self-esteem. People don’t believe in themselves enough that they have the right skills and resources to make things happen
  6. 6.       Excuses “I have no time for change”
  7. 7.       Perfection. Waiting for the perfect time, perfect conditions

Psychologists have repeatedly showed that people who lack satisfaction in life and hold negative beliefs are more likely to quit trying, experience feelings of disappointment, loss of interest, low self-esteem, negative feelings and sometimes anxiety or depression.

What makes some people stick to their goals and finally create the life they truly enjoy? - The greatest and most successful people in the world always maintain in their mind a crystal-clear image of where they want to be and believe that they can succeed.

You are reading though this article because you have goals, dreams and desires ready to get fulfilled. There are some easy steps that you can take today and soon enough you will see your life changing to the better.

Planning for Change

 1.    First of all, make a list of things that you would like to do/achieve in your life. Do not set limitations for yourself. You can achieve anything and you lack nothing. To help you identify goals, you could think of areas like

  • Write them down. Be specific. Successful people always write their goals down and read them every day; it is a great goal achievement trick. 

2.    Imagine yourself taking the steps successfully towards your dream goal. See yourself happy, satisfied and confident. How does this feel? Take a few minutes to get full of the feeling.

3.    Write down a few steps that you can take right now in order to start changing your life. eg. sending an email, searching for information, going out of the house to explore possibilities. It doesn’t matter how small the steps may be, the most important thing is that you are already moving forward!

4.    And finally, you need to ask yourself these two important questions!

In a scale of 1 (low importance/confidence) to 10 (highest importance/confidence), ask yourself:

1. How Confident am I in achieving this goal?, and

2. How much Important is it for me to achieve this goal?

If your score is 6 and above for both answers (confidence and importance), then you are in the right track.

If your answers or one of your answers is below 6 then you may need to reconsider the goal, as you may find it too hard to achieve or not the right one for you, so begin with a smaller or different goal. Ask yourself ‘What do I truly want?” and the right answer will come to you.

Finally, never forget to celebrate what you are and what you have achieved. You are capable of big things, and the right time towards your dreams is always. A few minutes to take a step back and re-conciliate today, will bring you closer to where you always wanted to see yourself. 

Dr Maria Fotiadou

Dr Maria Fotiadou is a Happiness Expert specialised in the fields of Health and Positive Psychology, an Empowerment - Happiness Coach and an award winning International Speaker. She is a lecturer at the University of Westminster and London South Bank University and an author. She helps people around the world deal with stress, anxiety, depression, health problems and low self-confidence to design the life they dream. She is a member of several International Humanity and Health organizations and holds partnerships with professionals from around the world, promoting happiness, quality of life and health.


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